Seacroft Grange Primary School

At Seacroft Grange we want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community.


Moresdale Lane, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 6JR

01132 605385

Breakfast Club from 8am Monday to Friday

Laptops and a DVD on a winter's day
Laptops and a DVD on a winter's day

Seacroft Grange is proud to be in partnership with Greggs and David Wood Foods, providing healthy breakfasts to our pupils so that they are settled and ready to learn.

Greggs and David Wood Foods provide Seacroft Grange with the resources to give a nutritious breakfast ensuring children start their school day in the best possible way. Breakfast gives children the energy needed for the busy school morning, enabling them to focus on their lessons.

Here at Seacroft Grange we are committed to ensuring no child is too hungry to learn.

Seacroft Grange Breakfast Offer:

Venue: School Hall (please ring the buzzer at the front gate and we'll let you in - walk around the playground to the hall door).

Time: 8.00am (please arrive before 8.15am to ensure you get a breakfast) until 8.50am.

Cost: FREE!

What: As well as a great breakfast activities are available for children to look after their physical and mental well-being. Children can play on the outdoor gym, play football, tennis, basketball, table tennis, read, colour or play on laptops/watch DVDs (if the weather is horrid!). 

Crumpets for all are available each and every Family Friday. Come and join your child and enjoy breakfast with them.