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Maths is an important skill which is used in everyday life. Our vision is to develop children's conceptual understanding by making connections and seeing patterns which enable children to apply mathematical knowledge in different contexts through a Mastery approach. 


  • Children to have a playful initial approach to number sense in order to spot patterns and make connections in Maths.
  • Teachers expose children to mathematical connections to improve conceptual knowledge.
  • Build an enjoyment of Maths by drawing on previous knowledge
  • To develop children’s factual, procedural and metacognitive knowledge to create deep thinkers who acquire the skills that can be recalled quickly and transferred and applied in different contexts.


  • Leaders of learning reinforce an expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards in Maths.
  • Carefully planned opportunities are made to expose children to key mathematical connections across concepts.
  • Teachers understand the importance of key mathematical vocabulary and teach and model this explicitly through metatalk and stem sentences.
  • opportunities to focus in on prior knowledge and understanding.
  • initial opportunities for purposeful play through the use of carefully selected manipulatives to expose structures, develop connections and notice things about the Maths.
  • to get appropriate pictorial representations of each mathematical concept to make the abstract concept clearer.
  • to experience the concrete, pictorial and abstract journey that form the building blocks of understanding to enable children to work successfully in the abstract form.
  • to access carefully selected questions which include varied forms of fluency.
  • once both procedural and conceptual fluency has been established, to move into the stages of justification, proving and explaining their thinking in a variety of ways.
  • to solve problems that demonstrate their deeper understanding.


  • We have high expectations of all children at Seacroft Grange in line with our ‘best for, best from’ ethos. Children will be challenged in their mathematical thinking while being supported by a coherent and consistent journey of teaching and learning. 
  • Children will be able to show high quality reasoning skills. They will be more confident at being to articulate their thinking and their use of appropriate methods.
  • Books will show that children have been through a mastery journey of learning and have been exposed to all the Golden Stages.
  • Teaching will show high quality questioning and metacognition. This will give children opportunities to reason whilst also being modelled effective thinking from the teacher.
  • Children will be able to recall key facts and apply these facts to given problems.

School's Maths lead is a Primary Mastery Specialist with West Yorkshire Maths Hub. 

Long-term plans

GOLDEN stages of pedagogy

The GOLDEN stages document can be found here
The GOLDEN stages document can be found here

When learning a new concept children will be exposed to learning through the GOLDEN stages:

  • Concrete / real-to-life examples
  • Pictorial representations
  • Abstract numbers
  • Variation
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning embedded throughout the sequence

Mastery approach

Maths books

We carefully select our questions in books using a mixture of resources from White Rose, NCETM and teacher-made. We give children strips of questions and encourage them to use their books to show themselves as a mathematician.
We carefully select our questions in books using a mixture of resources from White Rose, NCETM and teacher-made. We give children strips of questions and encourage them to use their books to show themselves as a mathematician.

Activ8 / Factiv8

Times tables

An example of a daily Activ8 retrieval session

Activ8 is a daily activity focussed on connections and retrieval. Monday is a Factiv8 is focussed on key Maths facts e.g. names of shapes

Active8 is planned systematically for each year group - an example of this planning can be found here

An example of carefully planned times table teaching sequence

School has a times table policy to ensure this key knowledge is taught consistently and coherently across school. The policy can be found here

Calculation procedures at Seacroft Grange Primary School

Calculation Procedure - addition

Calculation Procedure - subtraction

Calculation Procedure - multiplication

Calculation Procedure - division

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