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At Seacroft Grange we want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community.


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Home Learning* at Seacroft Grange

 Top Tips for Home Learning:

  • Ideas for home learning can be found on our half-termly newsletters.
  • Reading every day - Take 10 to learn to read to love to read!
  • Talk with your children - about their day, about books, about the TV they're watching. Anything!
  • Do things with your children - go for a walk, a bike ride, go swimming, go to the library. So much choice

At Parents' Evening you asked for more work around reading, spellings and x tables. Below are some useful links to help you support your child's learning at home.

 *not homework! 

Year 1 Spellings

Year 5 and 6 Spellings

Year 2 Spellings

Year 3 and 4 Spellings

x tables answers