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White Ribbon Walk - against Domestic Violence

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 children from Year 6 along with members of staff from Seacroft Grange Primary School took part in the White Ribbon Walk to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and the negative impact this can have on victims and the victim's family. This walk was now some years ago but the message is still as important now as it was then.

 At Seacroft Grange we have a rule about keeping safe hands and feet. We tell our children all the time - this is a rule for life. If a person breaks this rule then there is a consequence - whether you're 5 or 85! 

 Below are some pictures of the walk.

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We've spoken to all children in school about keeping their hands and feet safe and ensuring they know this is a rule for life. We have held assemblies to discuss what we should do if someone if not keeping their hands and feet safe and thinking about who we could tell - using our helping hand!