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At Seacroft Grange we want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community.


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What GOLD standard means to...


GOLD standard is about working hard to achieve the best you can.

Our golden rules and the adults in school help us to achieve GOLD standard and stay on the GOLD door all the time.

 GOLD standard is also about being a good person and friend, listening to others and offering help.

(Year 6 pupil)


GOLD means ensuring that our children arrive at school on time. It means doing the best for your child and supporting your child with their work at home.

GOLD means making sure children have had their breakfast, are wearing their uniform and have their PE kit.

GOLD means respecting the school property, its grounds and the staff who work there. This also means using the right language in the playground!

Parents want school to be GOLD by working with parents and listening to their views.


S Hill (Family Learning Mentor) gathered views of parents.

Our 8 GOLDEN rules for life

A leader of learning working in the classroom

GOLD standard is now something that is forever in my head!

GOLD standard is consistent throughout our school.

Every child is encouraged to work hard to the very best of their ability to achieve their own personal GOLD standard.

Our golden rules are used by all adults within school and are effective in helping pupils take responsibility for their actions and own their own behaviour. Staff will always assist pupils to make any problem smaller.

GOLD standard is about making a positive impact to every child's learning journey and also giving them the social skills they will need in life from the moment they come into our school till the day they leave.

J Wilson (LSA) 


Office staff

In the school office we consider GOLD standard to be:

ALWAYS being willing to help others. If we don't have the answers to a question then we WILL find a solution by pointing the person in the right direction to someone who can help them.

GOLD standard is about being friendly at all times no matter what the situation is or how busy we may be.

GOLD standard is about being confidential, respectful, understanding and working as part of a team.

GOLD standard is about working to the highest possible standard to help children, staff and parents and to help Seacroft Grange Primary to shine within our wider community and showing them what a fantastic place our school is.


K.Horrex (School Administrator)