Admission to our school


When offering places to children in a Leeds school there is a priority system:

  • Children in public care; pupils with special needs that can only be met at a particular school.
  • Children with brothers or sisters at the school
  • Priority will be given where parents put their nearest school.

Primary Schools Admissions with policy and appeals process

Seacroft Grange Primary School - Admission Policy

Applying for a school place for a child with Special Education Needs or Disability?

The link to the policy can be found above but the text below gives you the information from the Leeds City Council Policy for admissions for children with SEND.


"Leeds City Council promotes inclusion in local schools and it is an expectation in Leeds that all mainstream schools are able to provide for the majority of children with learning and medical disabilities. It is also an expectation that all Leeds schools provide an inclusive and nurturing environment that can meet the needs of those vulnerable children who have social and emotional needs. Children with exceptional needs who require additional support above that expected of a mainstream school will usually have an EHC plan. In some instances there are some children with a particular need such as a significant physical disability or complex sensory impairment who require the expertise only found in a particular school. e.g. blind children who need to access Braille. It is these instances where priority for admission may need to be considered. Applications in this category must be supported by a SEN SIF, available from the Admissions Team, which must include a statement in writing from a paediatrician/doctor or other relevant professional who can evidence why a particular provision is needed over another. The supporting statement must also evidence why the school of choice is the only school that can meet the particular need in question. This is necessary as the LA will be assessing if your child has a stronger case than other children. Cases will be considered individually by the LA in consultation with the school preferenced. Advice and support can be sought from the Leeds SEND Information Advice and Support Service on 0113 395 1222."